oraimo Freepods 3 Sold Out In First Week Of Launch

It’s no longer a news or a debate that oraimo, a smart lifestyle brand is specialized in manufacturing smart accessories has over the years solidified itself as a smart tech-leading and a top-notch quality brand for its esteem consumers. The brand as a force to be reckoned with in the smart accessories market provides its consumers the freedom to explore creativity through state-of-the-art product design/functionality; thereby ensuring a smart lifestyle for its consumers.

Word on the lips of smart accessory consumers and the testimonies of marketers has it that on 28th of September 2021 was a day another milestone was positioned in the entire smart accessory and tech market in Nigeria as oraimo launched the long awaited FreePods 3. Consumer’s expectation, waiting and anticipation was so expressed as the oraimo FreePods 3 was completely sold out in first week of launch. Quite incredible but not surprising that such a feat was achieved effortlessly in a single day, oraimo’s credibility in producing durable, quality and value-filled accessories has over the years been tested, and it’s however been found to be up to the task of setting records of solving problems and breaking records again.

Whilst customers haven’t completely gotten over the innovation’s packages and features in the FreePods 2, oraimo also successfully calibrated consumer’s taste buds to long for a more mind-blowing and mouth-watering product as they we’re left in the jigsaw crucible of speculating the possible featu

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