Che Yah gives alms by paying tithe on a weekly basis

JELEBU: Her earning from selling lemang and rendang at a roadside stall is not much, but it does not pose a problem for Rebiah Jantan to share the little profit she gets from the business with others who are less fortunate than her by paying “zakat” (tithe) almost every week.Rebiah, 67, who is affectionately known as ‘Che Yah’, said she paid the zakat at the Zakat Centre, as well as at mosques, depending on the amount she earned.She pays tithe weekly because her roadside-stall business is only open on weekends.Grateful that she is still fit, Rebiah said she would walk to the nearby forest area to look for bamboo to make the lemang, as well as dried wood for the stove to cook the lemang, rendang and dodol. She is assisted by her children and grandchildren.“I started the business about five years ago, and will try to give alms every week through tithe payment. The amount is not much, but it’s the feeling of contentment I get from doing it, which is from my own earning. It gives me the satisfaction to be able to give,” she said when met by Bernama.Rebiah’s admirable attitude caught the attention of the Negeri Sembilan Islamic Religious Council (Mains) which uploaded a video on the lemang seller, who is from Kampung Rambai Baris ,Ulu Klawang, here, to inspire others to do the same.The woman said she was able to sell between 14 to 20 sticks of lemang every weekend, with the price ranging from RM10 to RM12 each depending on the size.“However, most of my customers pay more than the set price, and with the extra amount paid by my customers, I‘m able to earn more. By paying tithe, the money goes further to helping others,” she said, adding that she also sells rendang and dodol at her weekend-stall.Rebiah, who has eight children, said she used to live a difficult life.“Twenty years ago, it was routine for me to walk to the forest everyday with my husband, and sometimes having to bring along my young children, to cut bamboo and look for dry wood.“We had a difficult life, but we were able to provide the best education for our children. We seek Allah’s blessings. He gives me strength and good health for me to continue to work and earn a living.“I am in business not because I want to be rich, but to be able to contribute to others,” she added.-Bernama
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