This Android malware steals your data in the most devious way

Android malware comes in all sorts of variations, with myriad degrees of attack sophistication, that do everything from steal specific pieces of information from you to just outright co-opting your computer or mobile device. A new Android Trojan, however, which Amsterdam-based researchers have given the appropriately predatory name of “Vultur,” takes a much more scorched-earth approach to its targets. This nasty malware simply records every single happening on your phone screen. One effect of which is that it’s then a matter of child’s play to target things like your banking and social media apps.

“For the first time,” the researchers at information security firm ThreatFabric write, “we are seeing an Android banking Trojan that has screen recording and keylogging as (the) main strategy to harvest login credentials in an automated and scalable way. The actors chose to steer away from the common HTML overlay strategy we usually see in other Android banking Trojans.”

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The latter approach, the researchers continue, usually requires more time and effort to steal user data. What’s happening here is the malware simply records what’s shown on the screen, “effectively obtaining the same end result.”

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