This Body Wash Smells Like I’m Hiking Through a Forest

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Scouted/HuckberryScouting Report: Body wash might seem like a little thing, but this one makes my showers and myself smell like I’m walking through a redwood forest, which boosts my mood and I’m sure, helps everyone around me, too.Sometimes it’s the little things in life, isn’t it? For the past year, I’ve cared little about my appearance and overall grooming, but now it’s time to care again — which is not a burden, but instead, exciting. I’m rethinking every aspect of my life and my routine, addressing some of the bad habits I may have fallen into during quarantine. One upgrade I recently made was my body wash and I’m so glad I did.Juniper Ridge makes my favorite incense, and so it makes sense then that they’d also make a scent I’d like to clean myself with, too. The Coastal Pine Body Wash comes in a cool looking 8oz bottle, but I think what’s the most cool is that it’s all-natural and made with wild harvested ingredients, like coconut, sunflower, steam distilled essential oils, rosemary, and more. The scent overall feels like instead of standing in a shower, you’re walking through a conifer forest, surrounded by old growth redwoods among dramatic mountains. If you could extract the scent of a pinecone and transform it into a body wash, that’s what this would smell like. To me, it makes showers extremely rejuvenating—I feel like being barraged with scents you actually enjoy instead of typical soapy aromas is transportive and meditative in a way that’s nearly indescribable.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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