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FBI plans to put warning signs on Bitcoin ATMs to hinder scammers

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The Cuyahoga County (U.S. state of Ohio) Scam Squad and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) have issued a public warning as scammers began to actively use Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs to defraud people, TV channel News 5 Cleveland reported on Tuesday.

“Now scammers are asking you to pay in Bitcoin,” said Sheryl Harris, director of the Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs.

Old scams, new tools

According to the report, while scammers still rely on tried-and-true methods—such as calls from someone’s “son” who ostensibly “got into an accident and urgently needs money”—cryptocurrencies allowed them to put a new spin on old frauds.

For example, Bitcoin ATMs, which allow customers to instantly buy BTC with cash, have already become widespread in the U.S. Thanks to this, many malicious actors are now trying to convince people to withdraw funds from their bank, go to a Bitcoin ATM, and send a certain amount of coins via a QR code provided by the scammer.

“I got a call that sounded exactly like my son,” said Shaker Heights, who almost fell victim to such a scam, adding, “The shopkeeper

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