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LEGO Expands the Botanical Paradise with Plant-tastic “Birds of Paradise”

Over-the-shoulder view of person setting the Bird of Paradise LEGO set, and it set on a shelf

LEGO’s Botanical Collection continues its enchanting floral journey with the eye-catching new Birds of Paradise set. The set consists of 1173 pieces, and is a 1:1 replica of the exotic flower of the same name.

The Bird of Paradise is a fun set for plant lovers and adult builders, and even lets you reposition the flowers and leaves however you want for a more unique display. The pop of color the flower’s petals and stamen offer is a nice contrast to the deep rich green leaves as well. And once you’ve finished, the set will look just as beautiful on a table, desk, or nightstand as it would in a display case.

Box of the LEGO set and the fully-built set against a white background

The set includes a stylish black LEGO flower pot that measures over 5 inches (13cm) tall. Combined with the flower, the set measures over 18 inches (46cm) tall in tot

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