Amazon has 5 unbeatable deals on Purell hand sanitizer

Gojo’s insanely popular hand sanitizer Purell is still sold out in regions, but there’s actually a different reason you should consider shopping for it online instead of in stores: Price. Not only does Amazon have tons in stock right now — prices start at just $9 and there are several listings that actually have deep discounts!
Amazon’s best deal is on 12-packs of large 12oz Purell pump bottles, which is currently down to the lowest price we’ve seen in more than a year. There’s also a rare discount on 8-packs of Purell travel bottles, and 4-packs of 8oz Purell pump bottles with aloe are down to a new low price as well.
In this roundup, we’ll cover the five best Purell deals we’ve come across on Amazon, and they also happen to be the best Purell deals we’ve seen anywhere online.
If you live in certain regions across the US, there are still some coronavirus pandemic essentials that are tough to find in local stores. High-quality masks are at the very top of the list, but we’ve got plenty of solid options that you can check out right now
Our readers have really been loading up on best-selling BNX 6-layer KN95 face masks lately, and there are two obvious reasons why. First and foremost, they’re from a well-known brand and they’re manufactured right here in the USA. And second, they only cost $2 per mask, which is about what you’ll pay for similar Chinese KN95 masks from top-selling companies.
AccuMed face masks are also extremely popular right now with BGR Deals readers, and they’re available in black and pink as well as white. Last but not least, AccuMed cup style masks that many people prefer because they have more solid construction are now back in stock after having sold out.
Purell hand sanitizer is another essential product that has been very difficult to find these days. In this post, we’ll cover the five best Purell deals we can find anywhere online right now.
Amazon has 6-packs of 2oz Purell travel bottles at a discount right now, and you can save even more with a special Subscribe & Save coupon. But there’s another deal you should definitely take advantage of instead of you hurry. 12-pack of larger 12oz Purell pump bottles are down to the lowest price we’ve seen today at Amazon, but they tend to sell out quickly anytime they’re back in stock.
The two Purell listings above are both sold directly by Amazon at the best prices anywhere, but there’s another option for people who don’t want to buy a 12-pack and are willing to pay a little more per bottle. 4-packs of 8oz Purell pump bottles with aloe are also being sold directly by Amazon for under $18.
Finally, you’ll also find that 4-packs of 1-liter Purell refill bottles are also discounted right now to the lowest price we’ve seen in months. And if you’re looking for travel bottles, you can pick up a 4-pack of 1oz Purell bottles for just $9.
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