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Covid norms see 1-way US fares fly past Rs 1 lakh

MUMBAI: Airfares to the US are at an all-time high for Indian passengers with the cheapest one-way fare for travel this month from cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru to places such as New York and San Francisco starting at over Rs 1 lakh. Though there are cheaper, or rather regular, fares available between India and the US, those are for flights with a transit halt in London, and so are not open to Indians.
Under government guidelines for international travel, Indian passengers can board only direct flights to their destination — that is, they cannot board flights to the US that have a transit halt, say, in the Middle East or Europe (a transit halt within India is acceptable, though). “That norm has been enforced strictly in the past few weeks, which is why currently, the only two options for Indians travelling to the US are Air India and United

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