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Next stop? New York’s MTA warns of 40% service cut, 9,300 layoffs

The cuts could cause major disruptions for commuters and drag down the city’s economic recovery.

For New York and its suburbs, the blow seems unthinkable: 40% to 50% service reductions for the city’s subways, buses and surrounding commuter train lines.

Yet as the economic fallout from the coronavirus deepens and no federal aid in sight, the nation’s largest mass-transit system says it has no choice. On Wednesday, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority said it will have to slash subways and buses by 40% and chop commuter rail service by half if aid doesn’t come from Washington. Fares and tolls will increase and roughly 9,300 jobs will also be eliminated.

For everyday New Yorkers, who rely on mass transit as a way of life, the consequences are hard to overstate. The scale of the cuts threatens major disrupti

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