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Cam Newton’s, Jakobi Meyers’ Updated Fantasy Stocks After Patriots’ Win vs Jets

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    The November 9 edition of WWE Raw featured much of nothing. This empty event mostly tried to build Survivor Series 2020.

    The attempts fell flat. AJ Styles cannot get the rowdy bunch of Braun Strowman, Keith Lee, Sheamus and Riddle to work together, while Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler care more about embarrassing Lana than winning.

    At every turn, Raw has been falling apart, and it begins with the Survivor Series build. No one is putting in enough work to sell the stagnant brand-warfare storyline.

    Elsewhere on the card, Ricochet continued to make an impact in spite of WWE. His ridiculous moves can rival anyone, including Mustafa Ali. The two are building toward a rivalry, but they deserve more.

    The Money in the Bank briefcase as well as the 24/7 Championship have also disappointed with flat delivery. The Miz and John Morrison lost again. R-Truth added two more title reigns to his one-sided story as champion with gold that needs to be retired.

    It was not a great night, but certain fallout stands above the rest. WWE always has a plan, even if it can be a long road to get there.

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    At this point, it is fully clear what stories Raw is telling heading into Survivor Series, and none of it is good. Despite a talented roster that has more overall stars than SmackDown, the show has lagged weekly to the point of boredom.

    The main culprit is the pay-per-view focus as once again brand loyalty is supposed to bring together rivals. The Raw men’s team cannot get on the same page as makes complete sense, but the antics to get them there have grown sour.

    The Raw women’s division is two tag teams and Lana, and the teams have just parked themselves on opposite sides. Th

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