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Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski slams Poland’s “absurd” LGBTQ crackdown

Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski has spoken out about the worsening situation facing the LGBTQ community in Poland.

Porowski, who was born in Canada, has Polish parents and was raised speaking Polish in his Montreal childhood home.

Speaking to promote a petition from advocacy group AllOut, Porowski called the LGBTQ crackdown “absurd.”

Talking to the Thomson Reuters Foundation, he said, “If Poland wants to be part of the EU, then they have to behave accordingly. To have its own people excluding its own population, it seems so absurd and counterintuitive to Polish history.”

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In recent months, Poland has received international criticism for the increasingly anti-LGBTQ rhetoric from some of its conservative MPs. Same-sex marriage is not allowed and there is a lack of anti-discrimination laws.

Local lawmakers recently also allowed regions to declare themselves as “LGBT-free zones”: a move widely condemned by other European countries. Despite the condemnation, around 100 municipalities in the country (a third of the total) have adopted the LGBT-free zone status.

In July, President Andrzej Duda (of PiS) was re-elected to office. As part of his campaign, Duda made a range of anti-LGBTQ statements. He signed an election pledge promising that if re-elected, he would ensure gay people could not marry or adopt children. He would also ban the teaching of LGBTQ issues in schools and

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