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Edy’s Grocer Now Serving Excellent Lebanese Food In Greenpoint

It’s one of the toughest tricks to pull off in New York City, replacing a beloved neighborhood mainstay with something that’s similar, but also wholly fresh and new. Throw a global pandemic and general air of uncertainty into the mix and, well… let’s just say that conditions less than ideal for Eduoard Massih’s just-opened Edy’s Grocer, a “mini Sahadi’s” (though unrelated to the real Sahadi’s) that took over the corner of longtime Polish market Maria’s Deli in Greenpoint.

Massih, a caterer and private chef who grew up in Lebanon before moving to America with his family in 2004, landed in Greenpoint six years ago and became fast friends with Maria Puk, the owner and operator of her namesake deli. Even after more than four decades in the business, Puk still spent her days “stirring, slicing, flipping, and frying” said Massih, and the two of them would often joke about how he was going to take over the shop when she retired.

Then COVID hit, and the joking suddenly became serious. And so, with Puk’s blessings and support as his landlord, and a whirlwind six weeks during which Massih basically built a business from scratch, Edy’s was born. So far the c

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