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Boulder 3010 Preamplifier and 2108 Phono Preamplifier

In 1936 the Polish violinist Bronislaw Huberman asked Arturo Toscanini to conduct the opening benefit concert of the Palestine Symphony in New York. The musicians, most of whom had fled Europe after the Nazis rose to power in Germany, were both terrified and elated to rehearse under the famously tyrannical Toscanini, who spent a month in Palestine preparing the orchestra for its American debut. “Mr. Huberman,” the violinist Lorand Fenyves exclaimed after one session, “Toscanini is a magician! He doesn’t simply conduct the orchestra; he hypnotizes us.”

Something similar could be said about the character of the new Boulder 3010 preamplifier and 2108 phono preamplifier. In an era when the noise floor and distortion levels of playback equipment keep receding, Boulder has once more upped its game to offer some unique sonic attributes. Aficionados of vinyl playback will recall that Boulder made quite a splash over a decade ago with the introduction of its 2008 phonostage, which became a lust object for not a few audiophiles. I never had a chance to hear the 2008 at length, but did have the chance to review the 2000-series preamplifier and amplifier, both of which constituted what was then the acme of solid-state performance that I had hitherto experienced,

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