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Oramics member Avtomat arrested in Warsaw LGBTQIA+ protests

As homophobic Polish state action and sentiment intensifies, local collectives are helping in the fight for equality and protection.

Avtomat, a member of the Polish collectives Oramics and Ciężki Brokat, was arrested at an LGBTQIA+ protest this past weekend in Warsaw.

Avtomat, who has since been released, was protesting the arrest of Stop Bzdurom (“Stop Bullshit”) member Margot Szutowicz for posing with a rainbow flag on the Jesus Christ monument. As local journalist Paweł Starzec described in a Facebook post, the already present anti-LGBTQIA+ sentiment in the country was heightened during the far-right Law And Justice party’s campaign for the July presidential election.

“As few weeks ago there was presidential campaign in full blast, Law and Justice (ruling enti-establishment ultraconservative party) utilised the LGBTQ[IA]+ rights as a weapon to polarise the voters,” Starzec wrote. “LGBTQ[IA]+ people have virtually no legal protection in Poland—no marriages, no adoptions,

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