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Three Ways to Socialise in Parks With Safe Distancing

Social Distancing Parks

As cities across the world have slowly begun to recover and reopen from COVID-19, questions about the use and nature of public spaces have become important points of discussion. The virus, in many ways, has redefined our relationship with public spaces, complicating what used to be simple decisions, such as taking the bus, going to the park, or meeting up with friends at a bar. Within this context, while life after the pandemic remains a highly uncertain topic, one thing appears to be clear: the post-lockdown city calls for new ways for social interactions. A total redesign and reconstruction of our public spaces, however, require comprehensive planning and high fixed costs, which means that more short-term solutions are necessary as people start to emerge from their homes. Many cities have responded to this call to rethink public space. In particular, there has been an emergence of innovative park designs that allow people

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