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Kidnapping victim Jack Teich writes about terrifying ordeal in new book

It was 1974. Jack Teich. Kidnapped at his LI home. The $750,000 ransom (equal to today’s $4 mil) never fully recovered — although now he has. I know Jack Teich. He’s my friend lawyer Barry Slotnick’s friend, and he’s now out with just-published “Operation Jacknap: A True Story of Kidnapping, Extortion, Ransom, and Rescue.”

Why his book now, after so many years?

“I’m not getting younger. I was too emotional before. That was the radicalized ’70s. A year earlier was the John Paul Getty III kidnapping. Nine months before, Patty Hearst. I’ve saved all court papers and ransom notes. The story needed documenting for my children and grandchildren, who knew nothing.

“It took counseling, therapy, medication, years of getting back to myself. Finally, now, I manage to sleep.

“It was terrible, Locked in a closet seven days. Chained on my neck, hands and feet. A pail to relieve myself. I prayed. Thought of my wife, two little children. I never thought, absolutely did not think I’d ever get out. I thought they’d throw a match in there.”

It all began the

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