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Guan Xiao at Antenna Space

Artist: Guan Xiao

Venue: Antenna Space, Shanghai

Exhibition Title: 8 Stories

Date: May 16 – July 12, 2020

Note: A text related to the exhibition is available here.

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Images courtesy of Antenna Space, Shanghai

Press Release:

In Guan Xiao’s solo exhibition entitled 8 Stories held at the Antenna Space, the artist employs characters with mere identities, undefinable appearances and exhaustive rhetorics to decorate a balanced state free of conflicts. In terms of image references and textual descriptions of the works, movies, paintings, literature, symbols, customs, fairy tales, the everyday, all have provided inspirations to the visuality and content of the works, while industrial, handcrafted, readymade and natural objects constitute the final aesthetics of the works in terms of material and form.

All kinds of elements roll towards the exhibition space like coal balls for the sake of an abstract metric. None of these elements is more important than the others, and there isn’t a first or a last one in them; There’s no dualism or separation, nor dominance or subordination. The artist breaks down these elements using a homogeneous force and piece them together using the same uniform force to let them inhabit one object, one room peacefully, just like the quotidian state of existence of these objects in a flattened and homogenised context. If something is tender, then harden it with materials; if something is beautiful, then dress it down with kitsch; if something is real, then make it fictive through artificiality; if something is flat, then texturise it with craftsmanship; if something is natural, then make it industrial using technology; if something is concrete, then give it abstraction by removing it from its original contexts……heterogenous, then cancel its incongruence with rhetorics, in order to achieve a balanced state free of conflicts.

In the exhibition, the group of human form sculptures titled with different identities is the continuation of the artist’s monolith sculptures. They are all homogenised and free of conflicts regardless of materials, making or image, striving to become identical as a common deviso

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