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Last Airworthy MiG-17 Is Up for Sale

While the MiG-17PF can’t be flown supersonically, it is capable of aerobatics and 8G turns.Courtesy Jon Blanchette

Like thousands of other pilots around the world who have watched their flying adventures curtailed to one degree or another over the past few months, you might be thinking this is the time to step up to a sportier airplane, one with a bit of a kick to it, an airplane that might also be something people point to on the ramp when you taxi by. How about a jet warbird?

Jon Blanchette, a former General Motors engineer and US Navy officer just put his classic MiG-17PF fighter up for sale in Elmira, New York. Rescued from a Polish scrapyard in 1993, Blanchette spent 15 years transforming the hulk of metal back into the only airworthy

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