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Memorials For George Floyd Appear Worldwide, From Minneapolis To Nairobi


As thousands flood the streets for protests to denounce police brutality and racism, demonstrators all over the world have set up makeshift memorials to George Floyd, whose violent death in police custody last week sparked the protests.

Black Live Matter Protest Against Murder Of George Floyd

Protesters gathered at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City this week to support the Black Lives Matter … [+] movement.

Barcroft Media via Getty Images


In less than two weeks, protests and memorials have spread from where Floyd was killed in Minneapolis to as far as Tehran.

An official memorial was held by Floyd’s family in Minneapolis this week.

The service in Minneapolis will be followed by memorial gatherings in North Carolina and Texas, where Floyd was born and raised, respectively.

Meanwhile, protesters have set up makeshift memorials around the world to honor Floyd’s memory and that of other victims of racism and police brutality.

George Floyd Memorial In Warsaw

Lit candles, flowers and signs are seen in front of the US embassy in Warsaw, Poland, on Sunday.

NurPhoto via Getty Images


A Maasai man prays next to the wall where Kenyan artist Allan Mwangi, also known as, … [+] painted a mural of George Floyd in Nairobi, Kenya.

AFP via Getty Images

Justice For Floyd Protest In Hamburg

Germans laid a wreath in memory of George Floyd as people gather to demand justice for his killing … [+] in front of the United States consulate in Hamburg, Germany.

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George Floyd's Brother Holds Prayer Vigil At Memorial Site

A woman leaves flowers at the site where George Floyd died May 25 while in police custody in … [+] Minneapolis.

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George Floyd's Family Joins March To Honor Him In Houston

Flowers adorn a mural of George Floyd painted on the side of Scott Food Mart in the Third Ward, the … [+] part of Houston where George Floyd grew up.

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The name of Mohrenstrasse subway station was taped over to create George Floyd Strasse, or George … [+] Floyd Street, by protesters in Berlin this week in solidarity with protests across the U.S.

AFP via Getty Images

A freshly painted mural of the late George Floyd, has been...

A freshly painted mural of the late George Floyd by the artist AKSE became a makeshift memorial for … [+] Floyd in Manchester, U.K.

SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images


A small group of protestors lay down messages and flowers during a protest against police violence … [+] at the gates of the South African Parliament in Cape Town.

AFP via Getty Images

People Continue The Vigil For George Floyd In Krakow

Messages, flowers and candles left outside the U.S. Consulate in Krakow, Poland, for George Floyd … [+] and victims of racism and police brutality by Polish citizens.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

Memorial For George Floyd In Krakow, Poland

Polish citizens gathered in front of the U.S. Consulate General to hold a memorial event for George … [+] Floyd.

NurPhoto via Getty Images

The third day of mourning and protesting and looting after the death of George Floyd in police custody

Visitors left flowers and signs near Cup Foods where George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis.

Star Tribune via Getty Images

Protests Against Police Brutality Over Death Of George Floyd Continue In NYC

Flowers and pictures lay at a memorial to victims of police violence during a demonstration in New … [+] York City last week.

Getty Images

Floyd protest in Denver

Protesters put flowers on a Civil War Monument outside the Colorado State Capitol during protests … [+] demanding justice for George Floyd.

Denver Post via Getty Images

George Floyd memorial site in Minneapolis

A memorial site is growing at the spot in Minneapolis where George Floyd was allegedly killed by a … [+] police officer.


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