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Employers Agree: These Are the Most In-Demand Skills

It’s a tough job market out here in 2020. We’re all looking for ways we can stay as competitive as possible, whether we’re climbing the ranks at our current company or looking for a new role. So what are employers really looking for? Based on LinkedIn’s 2020 analysis and number of open roles out there in the market, we’ve taken a look at the top hard and soft skills you need to be successful in 2020. Here’s exactly how you can continue to add them to your professional toolkit.

Soft Skills


Training yourself to become more creative actually comes through a lot of practice. Learning a lot about how artists find inspiration and practice their way into better creativity can help us learn to flex this muscle as well. First, researching what inspires some of the best artists is a place to start. We can also get to know the routines and habits of creative leaders you admire to bring out our more creative sides.


Developing persuasion skills has a lot to do with being able to think from someone else’s perspective. What’s in it for them? Start by thinking of science-backed techniques including looking for small wins in a conversation, and being able to build rapport with a wide range of people.


Highly-effective collaborators are transparent and effective listeners, among other things. Today, this takes on an even more digital angle. Next, cross the hard/soft skills divide by learning about all the collaboration platforms that you could recommend to improve your team’s culture and productivity.


One key tool to grow your adaptability is to develop “Courses of Action.” It’s a tactic Navy SEALs use to prepare themselves for a range of outcomes in tough situations. Thinking a little wider about how the world might change? NC State University offers a certification in Climate Adaptation, highlighting to employers that you’re a sustainability-minded forward thinker.

Emotional Intelligence

EQ or your “emotional quotient” is one of the most critical skills to devel

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